Getting ready for Quirky by lucas lappe

We are presenting our work to the designers and engineers at Quirky, so we are working our asses off to get ready to show the Clock. 

Getting the body and twist mechanism together

Those screws are so fucking small

Kevin staring down the Clock 

K-Fed working hard or hardly working? 

K-Fed working hard or hardly working? 

Making the Twist Mech by lucas lappe

I've been spending some time working on design and prototyping the mechanism that will act as the hinge, wire pass through, magnet fixture and provide rotational resistance. There are 3 concepts around providing twist resistance, using a rubber band through the center, annular compression springs or a compressible solid like silicone to function like the Drift insert. 

Concept 1: Rubber band

Concept 2: Compressible solid

Concept 3: Annular Springs (Working on it)

Test Rig

Wood/Leather & Modern inspired concepts by lucas lappe

Wood & Leather

Dark walnut, soft touch or black anodized metal


Aluminum, acrylic and soft touch

This looks too much like a Leap Motion and everything apple inspired

Still modern: but fuck those screws on the front and hello chamfer

The Start by lucas lappe

Here you can see Jason " the lion"  King and Kevin  "K-Fed" Baker  pretending to work 

Here you can see Jason "the lion" King and Kevin "K-Fed" Baker pretending to work 

V3 is on the way...

V3 is on the way...

Today we starting reviewing the past prototypes. Kevin will start by finishing the software update to enable to full functionally of V2 

  • 4 way display
  • Tilt sense
  • Pot sense/display 
  • Speaker 
  • Display color
  • Date

I will be working on the new CAD files for V3. This will include building looks like models to develop the product styling. 

We also made a gantt chart! 

I know... fucking dope, right? 

I know... fucking dope, right?