Functional prototype flanked by previous itterations
Functional prototype flanked by previous itterations

Buttons, dials and touch screens are the common means of interacting with physical products, but these means only allow user to touch the surface of a product.  Clock Cubed is a product that betters the relationship between a user and product. By altering the form and orientation of the product users change settings, times and functions all without the use of traditional input methods

3 months before the start of this project I discover Arduino micro-controllers, it was nothing short of a religious experience. My eyes had been opened to the world of products that could think and do all on their own. To say I used my few months of experience with micro-controllers and built this would be a complete lie. Kevin Baker was a life saver and can be credited with making it really work.

ClockCubed was a collaboration between  Kevin Baker (Hardware), Dan Powell(Design), Xu Sun(Poster Design) and Myself(Concept, Prototyping, CAD,Design). 


Prototype Photos

Design Iterations

Current Iteration 

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