The LightCap is a product designed around repurposing and reengineering a 99 cent LED Lantern with manufacturability in mind.  Inspired by my surroundings in Singapore, the quintessential night-life city, a product for the countless nightclubs was born. 

Original Lantern

The original product was a 99 cent lantern.  Deconstructing the lantern into its components reminded me of my childhood.  Spending countless afternoons pulling apart any mechanical and electrical component I could get my hands on lead me into design and engineering. 


The LightCap is designed with a snap fit to eliminate the need for screws. The LED array fits into the bottom housing and the top secures the remainder of the electrical components. First prototype was printed in SLA and worked. 

Exploded View

When the top is screwed onto a bottle the LED array is pushed upwards into the battery and  closing the circuit. An expansion spring not present in render ensures the circuit will not close until the cap is screwed onto a bottle.