I'm a Design Engineer at Quirky inc. where I help make invetion accessible. I am insatiably curious and creative and as anyone who knows me will testify, I can always come up with a new way of doing things. It drives people crazy…I believe design and  technology should be inseparable….and should be used to better the quality of our lives.

I have had the amazing opportunities to work at such innovative companies as D2M a product development firm in Palo Alto, Hasbro Toys and Quirky inc.  I am always looking for new opportunities to learn, teach and work with passionate people on great products. To get in contact and learn more about my experience check out my LinkedIn profile. 



I was born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles by two incredibly smart and creative people. Mom a psychiatrist and restauranteur gave me the love of of and the ability to empathize. The latter has become an invaluable skill in my design process.  Dad an MD turn inventor/entrepreneur was the spark that turned into the tech driven inferno that is my life.  While at UIUC he invented the first computer kiosk and learned the value of a patent, the hard way. To date he has been granted 15 patents and the founder of multiple companies, one recently being acquired by Alere. They are both such amazing role models and supports of everything I do.